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Trends That Will Transform The Gambling Industry Outlook in 2020


Over time, the gambling industry has shown numerous transformations over the past decades. Now, in the modern world, these changes have evolved to include technological advancements. With the commencement of cryptocurrency in casinos last year, many people anticipate that this year will be another interesting one that sets with new trends to redefine and transform complete areas of this enormous industry. Here are some of the top gambling and gaming trends for online and real casinos in 2020 and the high statistics that may impact the entire casino industry:

Cryptocurrency might dominate the gambling world

Cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the gambling sector with many online platforms accepting the crypto this year. From withdrawals, deposits and gameplay in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, many people enjoy and prefer these transactions because of security and anonymity. Traditional payments will still be an option for gambling sites. However, cryptocurrencies are slowly replacing these old methods because many prefer being anonymous and untraceable, especially when it comes to gambling. Additionally, the added security of crypto makes consumers feel more at ease because identity theft and hacking are minimized.


Access to previously restricted areas of gaming

Cryptocurrency has brought anonymity, and it is virtually untraceable because people do not link their personal information with the digital currency. This has allowed players from across the globe to access and play online gambling games in areas that were initially restricted and outlawed. There has been a growth in online gambling sites owing to the protection accorded by cryptocurrency. This growing demand will keep growing over the next few years as online casinos grow confident to push for promotion and expansion in these areas.

Virtual Reality based gaming on the rise

VR is another invention that makes way for a more immersive casino experience. With more VR accessories easily available to the general public, the push for VR based casinos to evolve is on the horizon. It is only a matter of a few months or years before everyone has easy access to the experience of virtual reality casinos. Now, there is a substantial outcry for the release of more VR versions of their other popular games.

Land-based casinos on a decline

Land-based casinos are taking a heavy loss from their online versions and are facing a decline with the recent fame of online gambling sites. People spend a lot of money to reach these land-based casinos. Because of this, consumers are choosing to save their transport costs, and they channel the money to online gaming where they use it for bets, instead. Online casinos have the edge as they offer more privacy and more convenience to their players.

Interactive gaming systems modify interaction

Many online casinos deliver the best online content to meet and address their customer expectations. Thanks to technological improvement, users can access entertaining and engaging online games in a more luxurious lounge setting through touch-enabled kiosks, wall panels, and tables.

Types of Gamblers that You May Come Across in Casinos


Many people may not know that all gamblers are not alike and have different characteristics and reasons to be in the casinos. While some gamblers are stressed about winning, the others are just there to have a good time. Society assumes that all gamblers are in huge debts and cannot control their compulsion to gambling, which is not true. Here are the four types of gamblers with different characteristics and purposes of gambling.

Compulsive Gambler

The first in the category is the compulsive gamblers who truly have the problem of gambling out of compulsion. They face the stress of debts and suffer from addiction to gambling. They may or may not have other addictions like alcohol and drug addictions along with their gambling habit. They usually have no hope of recovering from their loss and spoil their life, relations with their family and friends, and financial stability. It is not only a swamp for the gamblers, which only pulls them more, but also a problem that many people fail to realise and accept.

Serious Social Gambler

These type of gamblers are only a step away from becoming a compulsive gambler. They have all the characteristics that lead them to compulsive gambling. They believe that gambling can bring joy in their lives, along with a better social life. They find happiness in challenging themselves by putting in money in the games without much thought. They do have a stable financial income and the freedom to make their own decisions. Unless they start losing on a major level, they are still some serious social gamblers who like visiting casinos more often.


Escape gamblers

Escape gamblers are similar to serious social gamblers, but they also have other addictions like alcohol and drugs. They are still not totally addicted to gambling as their better source of enjoyment is their other addictions. They are usually depressed and try to beat it with the compulsion of such things. They also start losing control over their normal life and finances. They only reason they are not under the category of compulsive gamblers is that they deal with physical addictions of substance abuse. The more they lose, the more depressed they become.

Professional gamblers

Professional gamblers are the only players in the casinos who know what is happening around them. They know the in and out of the game they play professionally and have the ability to understand their opponents. They follow a strict discipline to control their gambling habit. It helps them stay financially stable. Many of the pro gamblers make it their primary profession. They dedicate their time in learning and making new strategies, learning about their other players, and managing their money for each game to play safe.

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